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The following are registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers wellbutrin and wellbutrin xl glaxosmithkline; zyban glaxosmithkline; parnate glaxosmithkline; nardil warner lambert company; marplan validus pharmaceuticals llc; kaletra abbott laboratories.

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In addition, weight gain after treatment for smoking cessation was less in bupropionsr subjects were then randomized to placebo, bupropion sr wellbutrin sr or zyban 300 mg d 150mg dfor 3 days and then 300 mg d; bupropion sr 400mg dsubjects received 150 mg dfor 3 days, 300 bupropion srenhances weight read more.

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The only difference between zyban and wellbutrin are the names and the more common uses for each of the prescribed medications.

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Bupropion hydrobromide aplenzin and bupropion hydrochloride budeprion sr, budeprion xl, buproban, wellbutrin, wellbutrin sr, and wellbutrin xl aren t approved for smoking cessation treatment, but bupropion hydrochloride under the names of buproban and zyban is approved for this use.

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