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No true substitute you can use the over the counter gels that contain salicylic acid aspirin compound , or use a non steroidal by mouth such as aleve naproxen or motrin.

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Mobic has gained sales as a direct result of the problems that the celebrex, bextra , vioxx and aleve have run into recently.

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Some commonly used over-the-counter nsaids include ibuprofen advil or motrin and naproxen sodium aleve .

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Aleve direct therapy is a fairly basic tens unit and does not appear, from what i have seen, to have any selection of programs or modes.

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Till now majority of anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen aleve ibuprofen motrin were used to reduce the risk of heart attack.

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i was taking aleve like candy as break through pain relief when my doctor found out she freaked out and put me on the naproxen 500mg 1 tablet 2 twice a day.